Biblia Sacra II


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Title Biblia Sacra II
Period 05 / 2010 - 04 / 2013
Status Current
Research number OND1339749
Data Supplier NWO


Thanks to past NWO-funding the first phase of the Biblia Sacra project, covering the period 1477 - 1553, has been executed and completed successfully. The bibliography is an (open access) electronic bibliography, allowing its users to request information (text and reproductions) on bibles printed in the Netherlands during that period. The aim of the proposed project is the completion of the electronic bible bibliography Biblia Sacra so that the entire period 1477 - 1800 is covered. With the completion, a unique research instrument will become available that is unparalleled, even internationally, both from a quantitative as well as qualitative point of view. Biblia Sacra provides extensive descriptions and numerous reproductions of typographical and iconographical material. The quality of the data provided is extremely high and is unrivalled on account of the richness of the data. Biblia Sacra serves a broad group of users: specialists from various historic disciplines, like cultural historians and art historians, book historians and church historians, but also the more generally interested persons. The user statistics of the website Biblia Sacra show that, for over 5 years, the website draws a wide, varied and international group of users. Biblia Sacra I not only received a positive reception for its scholarly content, but also the design of the project and the techniques applied have served as an example for other scholarly research databases. The same role is reserved for Biblia Sacra II. Biblia Sacra II uses OUI, that is to say an XML database with a content management system for complex publications like Biblia Sacra, which is still very innovative. In addition, Biblia Sacra II will offer an example of how and with which technical infrastructure based on XML, research data may be recorded. Institutions and scholars will thus be offered the opportunity (as was the case in phase I of Biblia Sacra) to learn and see on the basis of this project how this may actually be dealt with. The Open Access principle of Biblia Sacra is an important aspect for the durable infrastructure for new scholarly research. Research data will remain freely accessible for all interested parties: heritage institutions which have provided digital images for the database have given permission to that effect and have renounced their rights specifically on account of the Open Access character of Biblia Sacra. The use of open standards and open source software will ensure a wider accessibility after the completion of the project of the research data for scholarly use in a national or international context.

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