Herodotus' mythology. The logos behind the mythos


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Titel Herodotus' mythology. The logos behind the mythos
Looptijd 08 / 2009 - 01 / 2010
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Onderzoeknummer OND1339757
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This project aims at evaluating the fifth-century Greek historian Herodotus' use of myth, in the light of a recent more general re-evaluation of Greek myth. It takes the form of a a volume (fruit of a conference), which brings together some fourteen different discussions displaying different methods. The volume will open with an in-depth introduction, in which ancient and modern (scholarly) notions of the concept of Greek myth will be highlighted. It will also deal with the question of whether Herodotus makes a difference between a heroic and a human age, and look into Herodotus' use of patterns familiar from Greek mythological heritage in his narrative. It is to be expected that the edition will serve as a springboard to further theorising on the use of narrative to present history and historiographical narrative to present literature.

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