Welfare Quality®: Science and society improving animal welfare in the food quality chain


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Title Welfare Quality®: Science and society improving animal welfare in the food quality chain
Period 05 / 2004 - 12 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1339830


Animal welfare is of considerable importance to European consumers. Nowadays food quality is not only determined by the overall nature and safety of the end product but also by the perceived welfare status of the animals from which the food is produced. The fact that improving the animalâ s welfare can positively affect product quality, pathology and disease resistance also has a direct bearing on food quality and safety. The Welfare Quality® project focused on integration of animal welfare in the food quality chain: from public concern to improved welfare and transparent quality. The project aimed to accommodate societal concerns and market demands, to develop reliable on-farm monitoring systems, product information systems, and practical species-specific strategies to improve animal welfare. Throughout this Integrated Project efforts were focused on three main species and their products: cattle (beef and dairy), pigs, and poultry (broiler chickens and laying hens). The research program was designed to develop European standards for on-farm welfare assessment and product information systems as well as practical strategies for improving animal welfare. The standards for on-farm welfare assessment and information systems have been be based upon consumer demands, the marketing requirements of retailers and stringent scientific validation. The key was to link informed animal product consumption to animal husbandry practices on the farm. The project therefore adopted a â fork to farmâ rather than the traditional â farm to forkâ approachâ . Welfare Quality® will make significant contributions to the societal sustainability of European agriculture. Welfare Quality® was a project funded by the European Commission. EU funded project FOOD-CT-2004-506508. It was an integrated project in the sixth framework programme, priority 5: Food Quality and safety. The Rural Sociology Chairgroup participated in several subprojects and coordinated various workpackages

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Researcher B.B. Bock
Researcher J.S.C. Wiskerke
Project leader B.B. Bock


D18220 Animal husbandry
D22300 Animal ethology, animal psychology
D24300 Nutrition

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