Comparative analysis of participatory approaches for scaling out and...


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Title Comparative analysis of participatory approaches for scaling out and scaling up technologies for improving farmers' livelihoods: the role of information and communication mechanisms
Period 10 / 2008 - 12 / 2013
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1339916


Despite important insights in the literature about different approaches to promote market chain innovations, there are still gaps about the dynamics and trajectories of innovation networks. Further research has been recommended to shed more light on how the social networks evolve as co-innovation networks, how they solve their problems, through which arrangements and what is the role of innovation intermediaries in doing so.

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Supervisor L.W.A. Klerkx
Supervisor C. Leeuwis
Project leader L.W.A. Klerkx
Doctoral/PhD student S.A. Perez Perdomo

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D18200 Plant production and animal production
D66000 Communication sciences

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