Literary studies and globalisation (The French Example)


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Titel Literary studies and globalisation (The French Example)
Looptijd 09 / 2009 - 09 / 2012
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Onderzoeknummer OND1340095
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Specialists in French and francophone literature have so far hardly done any research into to the possible consequences of the process of globalization for their approach to texts. It is obvious, however, that the situation has become very different from that which existed fifty years ago. The place of French and francophone culture in the world is changing. The creation of new paradigms for literary research in the field becomes necessary. Our purpose is to set up an international network of researchers who will investigate and discuss the changing role of the francophone literary corpus, and the consequences of these changes for theory and methodology in the field. Two key words will conduct our research: 1/ decanonisation without recanonisation; this means: new relations should be created between major and minor authors and texts. 2/ Rhetorisation of the reading process. In the hermeneutic tradition, a literary text is a 'monument charged with meaning'. A hermeneutic reading has inevitably a canonising effect. In a rhetorical reading text construction is an interactive process: readers are writers in their own way. We believe that neo-rhetorical readings can lead, for the French and francophone text corpus, to decanonisation without recanonisation. In other words, 2/ is the tool that will help us to realise 1/.

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