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Titel Biodiversiteit Informatica
Looptijd 05 / 2008 - 04 / 2011
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1340137
Leverancier gegevens Projectleider

Samenvatting (EN)

Because the correct use of names and names relationships is essential for biodiversity management, the availability of taxonomically validated standardised nomenclatures is fundamental for biological e-infrastructures. PESI is the next step in integrating and securing taxonomically authoritative species name registers that underpin the management of biodiversity in Europe. PESI will integrate the three main all-taxon registers in Europe, namely the European Register of Marine Species, Fauna Europaea, and Euro+Med PlantBase in coordination with EU-based nomenclators, i.e. Index Fungorum, IPNI, and AlgaeBase, plus the network of EU-based Global Species Databases (GSDs). It is a standards-based, quality controlled, expert validated, open-access infrastructure for research, education, and resource management.

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PESI is a joint initiative of two Networks of Excellence: EDIT (European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy) and MarBEF (Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning), funded by the European Union under the Framework 7 Capacities Work Programme: Research Infrastructures
Zoological Museum Amsterdam

Betrokken personen

Projectleider Dr. Y.S.D.M. de Jong

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