Spatial analysis of rural development (SPARD)


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Title Spatial analysis of rural development (SPARD)
Period 04 / 2010 - 03 / 2013
Status Completed
Research number OND1340349


With the advancement of GIS techniques, an ever growing amount of spatial data is available today. At the same time econometrics has been developed further which will allow to analyse such extended cross-sectional data sets (e.g. with `spatial econometrics`).

Stronger accountability requirements and European Union (EU budget constraints will increase the pressure towards policies targeted on specific objectives such as the provision of public benefits (environmental, rural, social) .

For the EU`s rural development programmes 2007-2013 Member States are requested to collect indicators on characteristics, needs, expenditures and results. Additionally, managing authorities in some Member States have created GIS-based databases with a huge amount of data related to area-based measures. What is lacking is analysis in which these data sets are combined with other indicators at a high level of regional disaggregation.

Research objectives:
To design a series of models for analyzing the impact of rural development programmes in the EU, with an emphasis on the spatial dimension.

Results and products:
The project results will allow for a better targeting of rural development programmes and European added value will come from pooling national resources to obtain an EU 27 model. The impact assessment of programming rural development measures beyond 2013 needs to use tools which are based on the full set of data available.

Abstract (NL)

Het bouwen van een instrumentarium om plattelandsontwikkelingsprogramma's van de Europese Unie (EU) te kunnen evalueren.

We baseren ons op diverse groepen indicatoren die door de lidstaten worden aangeleverd, dan wel door ons te bouwen zijn op basis van bestaande informatie. Met behulp van ruimtelijke analysetechnieken wordt voor de diverse maatregelen binnen de programma's bepaald in welke mate de veranderingen in indicatoren kunnen worden toegeschreven aan de specifieke eigenschappen van het gebied. Daaruit kan worden afgeleid welke maatregel het meest effectief is in welk gebied.

Het instrumentarium zal het eindproduct zijn

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Researcher Dr. J.W. Kuhlman
Researcher Dr. V.G.M. Linderhof
Researcher A.J. Reinhard
Project leader P.L. Nowicki

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