Why do people apologize?


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Title Why do people apologize?
Period 01 / 2009 - 12 / 2013
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1340351
Data Supplier Website ERIM


Nowadays there is a strong need to address the parties responsible for the emerging financial crisis. For a variety of reasons, people wish to make sense of the crisis and how to move on towards the future. A strong debate has recently emerged concerning the guilt among banks. As a result, the pubic opinion has requested apologies from CEOs and managers working at banks. However, most of these people do not want to apologize. Because the provision of an apology can provide an important psychological input to the process of reconciliation and ultimately trust repair, the present project aims to understand what the motives are underlying people s willingness to apologize or not. Based on the social psychological and organizational behavior literature, this project will identify how cognitive errors and self-enhancement motives often work against people apologizing. In addition to identifying these motives, it will also be explored to what extent the provision of apologies can be facilitated when faced within uncertain events and situations of crisis.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. D. De Cremer
Co-supervisor Prof.dr. M.H. van Dijke
Project leader Dr. C. Reinders Folmer
Doctoral/PhD student J. Leunissen

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