Store branding strategies in grocery channel competition


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Title Store branding strategies in grocery channel competition
Period 01 / 2009 - unknown
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1340419
Data Supplier Website ERIM


Many retailers introduce store brand products to differentiate themselves and increase their profitability. For national brands, retailers are customers of national brand manufacturers. While for store brands, on which retailers take full responsibility, retailers also play a competitor role in their relationship with manufacturers. Store brand strategies bring a new dimension into the market structure that use to consist of manufacturers. There is an ongoing discussion in store branding strategies on the question whether the entry of store brands intensify the competition in markets thus do harm to (some) national brands or there is a premium on creating a successful basis for coexistence. This project will investigate the competition pattern between store brands and national brands and the role store brands play in competition between groceries.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. Ph.H.B.F. Franses
Co-supervisor Prof.dr. D. Fok
Doctoral/PhD student W. Li (MSc)

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