De omgang met nieuw leiderschap en het verleden door de beleidsmedewerker van morgen


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Titel De omgang met nieuw leiderschap en het verleden door de beleidsmedewerker van morgen
Looptijd 11 / 2010 - 10 / 2011
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1340864
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Samenvatting (EN)

In contemporary democracies there is renewed attention for political leadership. Public administration has to deal with this development. Yet an historically-informed sense both leadership and its shifting impact on the functioning of public administration has yet to be fully realized in training of civil servants. Such an ability is needed more, not less, in a time when leadership seems more volatile than before, with political leaders claiming more discretionary power because they are less bound by party and ideology and are highly influenced by fluctuating opinion polls and media-driven events. As a result, government is confronted with constantly shifting preferences. It is all the more important for those in public service to realize that now, as in the past, policy is complex, historically bound and policymaking takes time. Furthermore, civil servants could improve their understanding of the new role of democratic leadership through a greater awareness of how and why current demands on leadership have developed over time. As this proposal hopes to make clear, understanding leadership from a historical point of view, creating more historical awareness of policy development and translating this awareness into practical lessons will enhance the effectiveness of public administrators. Every age generates its own leaders, and this programme will enable civil servants to more productively respond to the leadership patterns and needs of contemporary politics.

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Projectleider Prof.dr. J.C. Kennedy

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