Divided parents, shared children? A combined legal and sociological...


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Titel Divided parents, shared children? A combined legal and sociological perspective on children's residence arrangements after divorce and their consequences for children's well-being
Looptijd 09 / 2010 - 08 / 2014
Status Lopend
Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1340896
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Samenvatting (EN)

Recent legislation emphasizes joint parental responsibilities after divorce, of which alternating residence (co-parenting) is the prime example. Yet, legal criteria as to co-parenting are uncertain and the effectuation of legal arrangements in daily life unknown. Moreover, little is known about the consequences of residence arrangements for children's well-being. This research combines the legal and sociological perspective to gain insight into the legal uncertainty of children's residence arrangements, the legal versus daily reality of these arrangements and their consequences for children's well-being. The combination of legal and survey data allows for relating the legal to daily reality of children's well-being.

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