Krachtige praktijksimulaties voor competentieontwikkeling en leervragen in...


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Titel Krachtige praktijksimulaties voor competentieontwikkeling en leervragen in het groene beroepsonderwijs
Looptijd 12 / 2009 - 12 / 2013
Status Lopend
Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1341144

Samenvatting (EN)

This study aims at gaining insights in and optimizing the effectiveness of competence-based (CB) practical simulations for secondary and higher agricultural vocational education, designed by PTC+.
The theoretical framework for powerful learning environments (PLEs) (De Bruijn, et al., 2005) is used which has not been used to study practical simulations and has never been related to modern learning outcomes, while these are mostly aimed for in PLEs. The main research question of proposed research is: What powerful learning environment characteristics determine and foster competence development and students learning questions for subsequent learning in competence-based practical simulations?

In the first study, PLE-characteristics of CB-practical simulations will be related to competence development. Because teachers, and the kind of guidance they provide, are one important variable determining the powerfulness of a learning environment (De Bruijn et al., 2005), the possible moderating effect of teacher characteristics (including teacher style) is taken into account in this study. Second study explores the effects of more or less powerful CB-practical simulations on the types of learning questions students develop (based on Schwartz, Bransford, & Sears, 2005) for subsequent learning in school and in practice. Third, in awareness of the importance and frequently absence of effective reflection during learning, a comparative study examines if p/reflection conversations on a critical professional task in either student-teacher or student-student groups can increase the power of the CB-practical simulation for stimulating competence development and students learning questions for subsequent learning.

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Promotor Prof.dr. M. Mulder
Onderzoeker Dr. J.T.M. Gulikers
Projectleider Dr. H.J.A. Biemans
Promovendus A.E. Khaled (MSc)

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D16800 Simulatie, virtual reality

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