Sustainability assessment of biogas systems in the Netherlands


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Titel Sustainability assessment of biogas systems in the Netherlands
Looptijd 02 / 2008 - 02 / 2012
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Onderzoeknummer OND1341171

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Sustainability assessment of biogas systems has gained prominence in business environments and on policy agendas. Current studies however only provide partial insights as they do not address the opportunities of some of the outputs such as digestate. Moreover, quantitative analyses of biogas systems are generally limited to some technical and economic components. In this project we develop an integrated sustainability indicator of economic, social, and environmental issues that are relevant for biogas systems in the Netherlands. Starting from conceptually defining relevant indicators we first analyze the economic performance of various biogas systems with varying inputs and outputs. A market analysis to investigate prospects of manure products is part of the analysis. We then extend the work towards quantifying environmental and social indicators, which are subsequently weighted from various stakeholder perspectives. Data are gathered from literature, biogas plants operating in the Netherlands, and from a series of expert workshops. Outcomes are useful in developing an interactive sustainability assessment tool, which will enable decision makers to make trade-offs between conflicting sustainability criteria in a transparent way. Moreover, outcomes are deemed to provide insights into current debates on ┬┐regional closing of circles┬┐, supply chain initiatives of energy and climate neutral production, and renewed interest in manure products. From a research perspective, the project provides valuable data and assessment tools, which are more generally applicable to socio-economic analysis of bioenergy production.

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