Self-organisation in networks


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Title Self-organisation in networks
Period 01 / 2008 - 12 / 2012
Status Completed
Research number OND1341183


It is increasingly clear that societal change does not come about only (or even mainly) through deliberate planning, policy and intervention. Active agents in networks organise themselves, and develop relations with other communities in relatively autonomous ways. Often, the consequences of emergent interaction patterns and forms of organisation are only partially intended and anticipated. Moreover, the environments in which actors, organisations and networks operate are in continuous flux. Such dynamics pose considerable challenges to formal organisations. Considerable communicative effort is needed to overcome institutionalised ways of perceiving reality and ensure that organisations stay "in tune" with emergent dynamics in their environment. This line of research seeks to increase our understnading of processes of self-organisation and the role of communication and cummunication ingrastructures (e.g. the Internet) therein. At the same time we wish to gain insight in how formal organisations, deliberate communicative intervention and processes of self-organisation interact and influence each oter, and how such interaction patterns contribute to or hamper processes of change in networks and roganisations. Such insight may also result in more effective methodological approaches to capitalising on self-organisational processes during the (re)design of policy, innovations and organisational strategies.

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D66000 Communication sciences

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