Subtyping of aggression and prediction of responsivity to...


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Titel Subtyping of aggression and prediction of responsivity to aggression-replacement therapy, pharmacological therapy or combined therapy in adult forensic psychiatric patients
Looptijd 01 / 2011 - 12 / 2014
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1342032
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Samenvatting (EN)

This study examines the additional value of neurobiological (stress measures), cognitive (executive functioning)and clinical (reactive versus instrumental aggression) subtyping of aggression in predicting the outcome of two established treatments for pathological aggression. These are aggression replacement therapy and treatment with a new generation antipsychotic. The research project will include adult forensic psychiatric patients (21-55 years old) with a antisocial or borderline personality disorder and severe aggression.

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Projectleider Prof.dr. R.J. Verkes

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