Serious Play: Using Digital Games for Training in Organisations


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Title Serious Play: Using Digital Games for Training in Organisations
Period 01 / 2011 - 12 / 2013
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1342179
Data Supplier Website ERIM


Serious games are taking off as a vehicle for training in organizations. Although many learning effects have been proposed, research is lagging behind in investigating the mechanisms that constitute these instructional digital games effecting learning tools. The main focus of this research is therefore to establish links between game features, motivational processes and learning performance, in the context of digital games for training. We hypothesize that digital games possess an attention-focusing quality that predicts intrinsic motivation. What induces this intrinsic virtue of digital games are certain attributes that lead to increased absorption of the user s attention while at the same time elevate curiosity, enjoyment and satisfaction that consequently enhance intrinsic motivation and thus, learning performance. Once this mechanism is fully investigated we will try to address the critical question of whether knowledge and skills obtained and developed through training with digital games can be transferred to the work environment.

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Supervisor F.A.J. van Den Bosch
Project leader Dr. I. Oshri
Project leader Dr. M.C. Schippers
Doctoral/PhD student A. Alexiou (MSc)

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