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Title Einstein4all
Period 10 / 2009 - 10 / 2011
Status Current
Research number OND1342250
Data Supplier Website CELSTEC


Preventing early school drop out is a major issue for the municipality of s-Hertogenbosch and the Koning Willem 1 College when defining their longer term policy. This complies with the Lisbon agreement which states that early school drop out should have been reduced by 50% by 2010. The major aim for the five participating pre-vocational schools (primary vocational colleges) is to prepare their student as comprehensively as possible. One of the key causes of early school drop out is the bad pedagogical and didactic connection between the education offered at the VMBO (primary vocational education) and MBO (secondary vocational education) schools, but also between MBO and HBO (higher vocational education). The other reason is a bad image of profession and education opportunities. The aim is to combine above mentioned problems in a stick together route of prepatory and secondary vocational colleges with high attention for: - good pedagogical and didactic connection - good orientation possibilities on the labour and education market - good guidance in career development. Project core is to achieve this aim with the help of the next three components: - the development of a Competence Meter, a tool which build a personal competence profile and analyses the competence gap, - the development of a Guidance Model which describes who and how the pupils could be at best supported with the help an improvement plan which can be used to erase the differences between present and desired competences. - the development of a competence based orientation programme on profession and education

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Secretariat Welten institute (OU)

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Project leader Dr. W.E.W. Kicken

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