Expressive and instrumental politics of the first national confederation...


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Title Expressive and instrumental politics of the first national confederation of trade-unions in the Netherlands, the "Nationaal Arbeids-Secretariaat" (NAS), 1893-1940
Period 02 / 2011 - 01 / 2012
Status Completed
Research number OND1342333
Data Supplier NWO


The aim of the proposed research project is to apply social science concepts, specifically instrumental and expressive politics, to the history of the NAS (Nationaal Arbeids-Secretariaat), the first confederation of trade unions in the Netherlands. These concepts are commonly used to analyze the action repertoire of new social movements, but have not been applied to the early Dutch labour movement before. The NAS is eminently suited to analysis with this pair of concepts. The purpose of this study is to analyse the effects of the instrumental and expressive action repertoire on the origin, development and decline of the NAS and its affiliated unions.

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