Remarriage in Comparative Perspective


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Title Remarriage in Comparative Perspective
Period 07 / 2011 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1342444
Data Supplier NWO


Remarriage is often seen as a ?solution? for the high rates of divorce in modern society, but a model of ?sequential monogamy? also introduces new problems and risks in society. While there is vast amount of research on divorce, fewer studies have been done on remarriage, in particular in Europe. We address five problems: barriers on the remarriage market, gender differences in remarriage, the effects of remarriage on well-being, father-child relations after remarriage, and the instability of remarriage. The underlying question is how the causes and consequences of remarriage vary with the degree to which divorce is institutionalized in society.

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Project leader Prof.dr. M. Kalmijn

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