Mood, serotonin and social interaction


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Title Mood, serotonin and social interaction
Period 09 / 2010 - 09 / 2014
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1342602
Data Supplier Website BCN


How people feel is regulated by the brain. But mood is also influenced by other people. This current project aims to study how serotonin, an evolutionarily ancient neurotransmitter that modulates a wide range of functions, regulates interpersonal functioning in individuals at risk for major depressive disorder (MDD), a psychiatric disorder often characterized by irritability, rejection sensitivity, and social withdrawal. In Study 1, during transient serotonin depletion, participants complete a novel laboratory task that uses dynamic video stimuli to measure their perceptions of others' affective states. Study 2 uses ecological momentary assessment to measure, while participants are taking the serotonin precursor tryptophan, their affects, behaviours, cognitions, and perceptions of others' behaviours during every day social interactions.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. P.J. de Jong
Co-supervisor Dr. M. aan het Rot
Doctoral/PhD student K. Hogenelst (MSc)

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