Impact assessment of an agricultural livelihoods program in post-warLiberia


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Title Impact assessment of an agricultural livelihoods program in post-warLiberia
Period 03 / 2010 - 12 / 2013
Status Current
Research number OND1344568


We collaborate with an international NGO and implement a randomized natural field experiment to analyze the impact of post-conflict recovery programs. Low levels of social capital and agricultural productivity have been identified as key factors impeding recovery. The NGO implements an intervention package aimed at addressing these issues. We analyze the impact of the intervention, and focus on underlying factors promoting or slowing-down development. Specifically, we attempt to find out whether elite capture and accountability is salient for development. The project focuses on Liberia, a country ravaged by fourteen years of civil war. The project seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of war-exposure on people's preferences and behavior, in particular with respect to post-conflict recovery programs. We also determine to what extent these factors promote or inhibit the rate of spill-overs from the intervention. Incorporating spill-over effects is important for a transparant impact assessment but also provides for a more accurate estimation of costs and benefits of intervention efforts. This will improve the allocation of resources to programs most suited for post-conflict recovery.

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Researcher Ir. E.E.M. Nillesen
Project leader E.H. Bulte

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D18200 Plant production and animal production
E11000 Biotechnology

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