Mathematics instruction in the classroom and students? strategy use and...


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Title Mathematics instruction in the classroom and students? strategy use and achievement in primary education
Period 07 / 2011 - 07 / 2015
Status Current
Research number OND1344773
Data Supplier NWO


Why has the mathematics achievement level for complex multiplication and division in Dutch primary schools decreased considerably? National assessments showed this drop for boys and girls, for home and foreign students. Using new mathematics textbooks was not related to this drop. However, secondary analysis of the test materials of the last two assessments showed that changes in students? strategy use were an important factor in this decrease. Traditional written computation was seen far less, but answering math problems without any written computation or jottings clearly has increased. This last result was unexpected and contributed to the explanation of the achievement drop, because of the lack of accuracy of this form of ?mental computation? which occurred more frequently with students with a low mathematics ability. This proposal wants to investigate which didactic practices in the classroom influence strategy use and achievement level for complex multiplication and division. We want to know particularly which type of didactic approach also works for students with low mathematics abilities in reaching a more successful strategy choice and a higher level of accuracy. null

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Supervisor Prof.dr. W.J. Heiser
Co-supervisor Dr. A.A. B├ęguin
Researcher M.F. Fagginger Auer (MSc)
Project leader Dr. M. Hickendorff
Project leader Dr. C.M. van Putten

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