MODOMA: Computer-Simulated Laboratory-Approach to Language Acquisition


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Titel MODOMA: Computer-Simulated Laboratory-Approach to Language Acquisition
Looptijd 09 / 2011 - 08 / 2016
Status Lopend
Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1345076
Leverancier gegevens NWO

Samenvatting (EN)

MODOMA is an acronym for Moeder-Dochter-Machine (Dutch for "Mother-Daughter Machine"). A MODOMA is a language acquisition automaton. Acquisition is a result of an ongoing and online interaction between two conversation partners: a mother- and a daughter-entity. The mother-entity will be based on Delilah, the Leiden parser and generator of Dutch whereas the daughter entity sets out to acquire the mother language grammar in the course of interaction. This project will provide a language acquisition lab to researchers. The process and results are reproducible, measurable and verifiable. The architecture of the program will be completely parametrized: researchers are given control of the configuration for a particular experiment. On the other hand, a lab entails a simplification of reality as the daughter is acquiring language in a controlled interaction space instead of the real world.

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Projectleider Prof.dr. N.O. Schiller

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