Looking, language, and memory: Testing a working memory model of...


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Title Looking, language, and memory: Testing a working memory model of language-attention interactions
Period 07 / 2011 - 01 / 2016
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1345213
Data Supplier NWO


Psycholinguists have used eye movements as a tool to learn about language processing. They have treated visual orienting as given, without worrying how it is affected by language. Perception scientists in turn have been interested in visual attention, and have used language as a tool to induce attentional biases ? again without asking how language does this. The present proposal explores this theoretical no-man?s land, starting from the hypothesis that working memory plays a central role. This generates predictions about the capacity, control, representations, and dynamics of language-vision interactions, which can be tested using behavioural, eye movement, and electrophysiological measures.

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Project leader Prof.dr. C.N.L. Olivers

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