Consumer response to new technologies


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Title Consumer response to new technologies
Period 01 / 2011 - 12 / 2015
Status Current
Research number OND1345283


New technologies are regularly introduced in the food domain. Public response following the introduction of new technologies will determine the success or failure of such technologies. The emphasis on understanding public response has been mainly on understanding risk perceptions, or the weighing of risks and benefits. These approaches assume, to some extent, deliberate reasoning by the consumer. Recent insights in (consumer) psychology increasingly show the limited power of deliberate reasoning, As an alternative increasing attention is being paid to unconscious, heuristic and habitual reasoning. This project aims to understand public response towards new technologies in food as the consequence of an amalgamate of heuristics, and to some extent, deliberate reasoning. In the project we will investigate how, which heuristic processes play a role for new technologies, where limited experience and knowledge is present with the public.

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Researcher A.R.H. Fischer
Project leader A.R.H. Fischer

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