Online science learning in primary education


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Title Online science learning in primary education
Period 07 / 2011 - 05 / 2015
Status Current
Research number OND1345601
Data Supplier NWO


We propose a radical modernization of educational practices based on important new insights in brain and cognitive development using information technology and novel psychometric methods. We will apply the Game, Train, Track and Teach method developed by the Psychological Methods group of the UvA and the UvA spin-off company, which is now used for Math training ( in about 120 schools. is an online game-based implementation of an improved method of computer adaptive testing allowing children to practice exactly at the level of their competence. This type of intensive, individually fine tuned training is essential for efficient learning according to the current scientific insights in talent development and expertise. will develop an equivalent environment for language development. In collaboration with researchers in the VTB program TalentenKracht, we propose to develop a third application (garden) on (beta) science related cognitive development. Tasks span the range from neuropsychological measures (STM, inhibition, planning) to higher cognitive abilities (logical reasoning, understanding causality). Together these three ?gardens? will allow us to monitor closely, with weekly measurements, (the interactions between) children?s cognitive and educational development. This will prove to be important for education as well as for the scientific study of brain and cognitive development. Firstly, our methods will be used to experimentally evaluate educational interventions implemented by our partners. Secondly, we will combine our data with data from longitudinal fMRI studies of the same subjects to investigate critical learning periods, effects of training and the origin of developmental change.

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