Co-innovation and learning: the role of changing regimes in new EU countries


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Titel Co-innovation and learning: the role of changing regimes in new EU countries
Looptijd 01 / 2011 - onbekend
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The institutional environment (regime) in which dairy farmers in new EU countries have to manage their farms has changed drastically. It is an important question for policymakers in new EU countries if and how dairy farmers have adapted to these changing circumstances and how they can be facilitated to deal with these changes.

Doelgroep en kennisbehoefte
Farmers in new EU countries face important challenges since the fall of the communist regime in the 1990s and the accession to the EU in 2004 and 2007. New EU countries are characterized as transition economies, deriving from centrally managed and oriented economies towards a market oriented economy, accommodating changes in the policy and market developments. Some farmers manage to deal with these changes and others do not. However, little is known about the dynamics and shaping mechanisms behind the farm development paths and the intended strategies for the future and the role of the institutional regimes in the establishment of these development strategies. This forms one part of the research project. Secondly, it is estimated that improved capacities of farmers on strategic management and entrepreneurship enable them to better anticipate towards the continuous changes and keep their farms viable. A training method called Interactive Strategic Managament (ISM) aims to strengthen this capacity. Little is empirically researched on the contribution of such an intervention. This forms the second part of this research project (Karin de Grip, research proposal and workplan, 2010). The research is carried out with dairy farmers in Slovenia, Lithuania and Poland in collaboration with relevant institutes and organizations in the proposed countries.

Doelgroep en kennisbehoefte
Tot de doelgroep behoren beleidsmedewerkers van de ministeries en melkveehouders uit de betrokken landen (Polen, Litouwen en Slovenië). Beleidsmedewerkers krijgen inzicht in de effecten van veranderende regimes op de strategieën die melkveehouders kiezen om hun bedrijf levensvatbaar te houden. Dit biedt hen handvatten om ondernemers (gemakkelijker) te faciliteren bij het ten uitvoer brengen van deze strategieën. Het wordt verwacht dat de melkveehouders die participeren in interactieve leertrajecten over strategisch management hierin versterkt worden wat hen helpt hun bedrijf levensvatbaar te houden en beter om te gaan met veranderende omstandigheden op regimeniveau.

Doelstelling project
The project aims to give insight into the development paths of dairy farmers in Eastern European countries and the role of (changing) regimes and other influencing factors on these developments. Besides this it will give insight into the effects of interactive learning methods on the capacities of farmers with regard to strategic management and entrepreneurship and the extent to which this is affected by the regime.

Wetenschappelijke kwaliteit en relevantie
Er is nog weinig (wetenschappelijk) gepubliceerd over dit type ondernemerschapsconcepten en de rol van veranderende institutionele omgevingen op strategisch management, ondernemerschap en transities. Daarnaast vormen de culturele aspecten een interessant aspect

Relevantie EL&I
Inzicht in de effecten van veranderende regimes en participatieve leermethoden op de strategische keuzes van ondernemers is ook voor EL&I van belang.

The main output of the research project will be at least three publishable scientific articles:
- A theoretical article on strategy development, decision making for farm development paths, innovation literature and Interactive Strategic Management and other interactive learning methods to support strategic management and entrepreneurship. In this article a research framework is presented as a basis for further analyses in the research project.
- An article about development paths of dairy farmers in Eastern European countries, the role of changing regimes and other influencing factors (based on a survey carried out in the countries involved)
- An article about the effects of interactive learning methods and environmental factors and regime changes on strategic management of dairy farmers in Eastern Europe (based on a baseline measurement at the start of the ISM training and on measurements at several moments after the training and additional analyses during the training; control groups not taking part in the intervention are studied as well)
Besides this visits to conferences and conference papers and a brochure for farmers and other stakeholders involved are foreseen, as well as a network built around the Eastern European organizations and institutes participating in the project.
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Onderzoeker Ing. A.C.G. Beldman
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