The density and diversity of interest populations in Brussels


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Title The density and diversity of interest populations in Brussels
Period 12 / 2011 - 12 / 2014
Status Current
Research number OND1346319
Data Supplier NWO


We propose to examine the origins and nature of the density (the number of lobbying organizations) and diversity (the representation of a broad array of interests in society) of the interest systems in the EU. We will do so by constructing pooled-cross sectional population data on the Brussels interest system. The existing population research done in Europe rests on single year cross-sections with all of their limitations in terms of statistical power and analysis of the linkages over time within interest communities. Extending these sampling techniques to a more complete pooled cross-sectional time series (eight year) design provides us with greater leverage to study the dynamic properties and cross-system linkages of interest communities. Comparisons of earlier samples of the EU population by Berkhout and Lowery (2010) suggest that there is considerable variation (entrance and exit) within the EU population even over very short periods. The expertise of the Dutch team will directly be used to establish an overview of the actor populations on the 120 issues, which are examined in the overall INTEREURO project of which this application is a part.

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Project leader Prof.dr. D.L. Lowery

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