The Impact of Family Status on Healthy Aging: A Life Course Approach


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Title The Impact of Family Status on Healthy Aging: A Life Course Approach
Period 01 / 2011 - unknown
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1347106
Data Supplier Website ICS


Previous research investigating the role of the family on well-being has focused on the benefits and costs that marriage and parenthood bring to the lives of individuals. However, recent studies have produced mixed results regarding the beneficial role of family relationships on individuals' well-being and they have not been able to capture the impact of family status trajectories due to cross-sectional data and limited measurement of well-being. This project focuses on the relation between life-course histories and the well-being of aging population with aim to understand how changes in family status trajectories affect individuals' well-being. The study will use both cross-sectional and longitudinal data to examine how individuals produce subjective well-being and health.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. M.C. Mills
Supervisor Dr. B.J.M. Steverink
Supervisor Prof.dr. R.P. Stolk
Supervisor Prof.dr. R.P.M. Wittek
Doctoral/PhD student M. Djundeva

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