Land-atmosphere interaction and its contribution to extreme precipitation...


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Titel Land-atmosphere interaction and its contribution to extreme precipitation in the summer monsoon over China
Looptijd 02 / 2012 - onbekend
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1347449
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The continental monsoon system exhibits coupled interactions of ocean-land-atmosphere at a range of time scales. Advances in our understanding of terrestrial hydrological feedbacks provide possible scope for increased predictability of heavy monsoon precipitation by looking at the precipitation feedback mechanisms over land. This project aims to determine and quantify the atmospheric pathways through which soil moisture-precipitation feedback contributes to monsoonal precipitation in particular the heavy events in the East Asia Monsoon (EAM) region, It uses a sophisticated combination of observational data studies in combination with modeling work. The scientific approach consist of 1) determining local and dynamical precipitation feedbacks at a range of time scales using novel soil moisture products from remote sensing and in-situ measurements; 2) determining local and remote terrestrial hydrological linkages through atmosphere pathways using a newly-developed dynamical recycling model; 3) investigating the response of these feedbacks to global warming; and 4) executing a set of carefully chosen sensitivity experiments to determine the further importance and quantification of these feedbacks. This work will lead to improved understanding of the coupled interactions of the ocean-land-atmosphere system in the present day and future climate over the EAM region. Moreover, it will improve the predictability of heavy monsoonal precipitation over China for present and possible future climate conditions.

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Projectleider Prof.dr. A.J. Dolman

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