Implementing Transit Oriented Development - iTOD


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Title Implementing Transit Oriented Development - iTOD
Period 04 / 2012 - 04 / 2014
Status Current
Research number OND1347501
Data Supplier NWP


Scientists, professionals and policy-makers alike consider the integrated development of urban places and transport nodes ? often referred to as Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) ? as a key strategy for achieving more sustainable urban development. Accordingly, several policies and programmes have been developed along TOD principles in cities and regions around the world, including in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. However, persistent governance, financial and knowledge barriers are hampering their implementation. This research aims to address these implementation problems, building on work already being undertaken by the academic and professional partners in the research consortium, and combining insights form international experiences with ?action oriented? research involving stakeholders. The central research question centers on identifying lessons for successfully developing and implementing a TOD strategy in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. The lessons will be structured around three key areas: 1. Actors, institutions and governance 2. Funding and value capturing 3. Knowledge and information Research will be carried out in three closely interrelated projects, reflecting the three key areas identified above. Project 1 is aimed at identifying how a critical mass of transport and land-use policy measures for achieving TOD can be identified and implemented. Project 2 will focus on value capturing instruments at both the network level and the location level that can improve the financial feasibility of TOD. Project 3 is concerned with understanding the processes of using, representing and translating knowledge and information related to TOD planning concepts.

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Project leader L. Bertolini

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