PHIRE ; Public Health Innovation en Research in Europe


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Title PHIRE ; Public Health Innovation en Research in Europe
Period 09 / 2010 - 03 / 2013
Status Current
Research number OND1347598
Data Supplier NIVEL


Ministries of Health seek public health knowledge but do not control scientific programmes. The EC Public Health Programme (PHP) is designed to contribute to European knowledge and practice in public health. The first PHP (2003-2008) has supported over 300 collaborative projects. PHIRE is concerned to assess the uptake and impact of PHP projects and integration of public-health research programmes at national and European levels. How far has the PHP been taken up at national levels, and how are national research programmes and PHP integrated at European level? - identification of six tracer projects and report on implementation at country level. - produce national thematic syntheses through national member associations. - develop a Database - create Platforms for discussion of European and national public health research. PHIRE will improve understanding of the needs, flow and opportunities for public health innovation and research; link national ministries of Health and Science Councils with researchers; and broaden international understanding of innovation and research for public health.

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