Health promotion for low-literate adolescents: Increasing...


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Titel Health promotion for low-literate adolescents: Increasing comprehensibility and persuasive effects of a school module on alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis
Looptijd 06 / 2012 - 05 / 2015
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1348085
Leverancier gegevens NWO

Samenvatting (EN)

The aim of this project is to perform formative research that will be used as input for the development by Trimbos Institute of a health intervention on substance use (i.e., alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis) for low-literate adolescents (12-15 years) who study at the lowest levels of secondary education in the Netherlands. At the moment, there is no health intervention in the Netherlands that is developed specifically for this target group who are a high risk group for substance use. In this project, four experimental studies will be performed that test the effects of a health promotion module about substance use on knowledge gained from the module as well as on the persuasive effects (e.g., attitude and intention towards substance use). The first three studies will test, respectively, the influence of coherence markers in text (study 1), the influence of characters in a narrative (study 2), and the influence of print versus audiovisual modality (study 3). In study 4, an intervention will be tested that integrates and tests the most effective results of the first three studies.

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