Personalised Climate and Ambience Control for Zero-Energy Buildings


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Title Personalised Climate and Ambience Control for Zero-Energy Buildings
Period 06 / 2011 - 06 / 2014
Status Current
Research number OND1348217
Data Supplier NWO


The iCARE (PersonalIsed Climate and Ambience contRol for zero-Energy buildings) project takes a multi-pronged approach in order to create a zero-energy building (ZEB) by addressing both energy harvesting and reduction of energy consumption. It develops an Intelligent Power Management System (IPMS) that uses sensor readings obtained from a self-learning Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network (WSAN), and other data such as publicly available weather forecasts and agendas of office workers to decide when to store harvested energy and how to distribute it throughout the building to maximise energy efficiency. iCARE's WSAN is also used to control the personalised climate and lighting system. This involves creating a "micro-environment bubble" around a typical office worker seated at a desk thus ensuring energy is spent maintaining the climate and lighting parameters at an optimal level only within the bubble.

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