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Title How to prevent landscape workers from contracting Lyme disease? The effects of adding pictograms and motivational elements to an information brochure for professionals with varying literacy levels
Period 07 / 2012 - 06 / 2013
Status Current
Research number OND1348371
Data Supplier NWO


Landscape workers (people who work in urban and rural green spaces) bear a high risk of tick bites and, therefore, of contracting Lyme disease. In a previous study by Stigas (partner in this project), such workers expressed their need for tailored information about this disease. The goal of this project is to provide this group with an information brochure that is adapted to their level of literacy in general and to their health literacy level in particular. It is assumed that the health literacy level of this group is relatively low because their educational level is low, and because substantial numbers of this group are not native Dutch speakers. Thus, the first benefit of this project will be greater insight into the group's actual literacy levels and its relation with health literacy. Furthermore, this study will provide information about how to adapt information for low literacy groups generally. The literature distinguishes a variety of measures, the most common is to add visual information. Another measure that is found to be beneficial is motivating people to process the information carefully. In a comparative study using a two-by-two between subjects design, the effects of adding pictograms and a motivational agent on comprehensibility, persuasiveness and usability will be investigated. Based on the results of this study, we will publish a tailored information brochure for landscape workers.

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Project leader Dr. J. Karreman

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