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Title Seismic Interferometry for High-Resolution/Cost-Effective Applications in Regional Seismology, Hydrocarbon Exploration and Art Preservation
Period 05 / 2012 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1348559
Data Supplier NWO


Building up on my experience and insights in the technique of Seismic Interferometry (SI) with natural sources for exploration seismology, I propose a VIDI project to develop and use new SI methodologies and a method to cross-fertilize three other scientific fields. In these fields, high-resolution and cost-effective imaging is required, but very difficult to achieve with standard techniques. SI is a new method that can be used as an alternative to standard seismic exploration. SI creates new seismic records as if from virtual sources placed at positions of receivers; at those positions no physical sources were present. The application of SI to natural sources is especially advantageous when physical-source utilization is unpractical for cost, social or environmental reasons. In recent years, SI has gained quickly in popularity; nevertheless, its applications are still limited. The VIDI project consists of three interconnected parts: - I propose to develop and use a methodology for imaging of the subsurface of the southern part of South America with unprecedented resolution using SI with natural sources. The results are urgently needed for developing a strategy for permanent seismic monitoring of the subsurface and an active volcano in that area using natural sources. - I propose to develop a methodology for improved cost-effective hydrocarbon exploration using SI with active sources in environmentally sensitive and difficult-terrain areas, where the subsurface is characterised by strong secondary scattering. The scattering lowers the imaging resolution of the standard exploration techniques, but is very advantageous for SI. - I propose a new method for high-resolution ultrasonic imaging of art objects, like paintings on wood and frescoes, using SI. Having three-dimensional information of the structure and condition (e.g. stratification, cracks, wormholes) of these objects is essential for their optimal preservation and conservation. SI applied to ultrasonic measurements will provide such information.

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Project leader D.S. Draganov

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