School for Public Health and Primary Care - CAPHRI

Part of Gouverneur Kremers Centre (GKC)
Part of Maastricht University Medical Center+
Part of Maastricht University
Acronym CAPHRI
Address Universiteitssingel 40, 6229 ER Maastricht
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Postal address Postbus 616, 6200 MD Maastricht
Phone +31-43-3882446
Fax +31-43-3884225
Email secretariaat-caphri -at- maastrichtuniversity. nl
Mission CAPHRI: Caring for Health CAPHRI is a graduate school that is centred around research and education in health care and public health. The ultimate goal of CAPHRI is to improve the population s health. Therefore, CAPHRI invests in the improvement and innovation of the entire chain of care, ranging from prevention and primary care to aftercare and rehabilitation. CAPHRI uses social relevance as its starting point and aims to directly influence the guidelines and standards within the present health care system and public health. CAPHRI maintains close ties with the health practice. CAPHRI s mission statement reads as follows: CAPHRI provides high quality multidisciplinary research and teaching aimed at the improvement of the individual s quality of life and population's health through innovation in public health and health care . Keywords are: Academic collaboration & knowledge exchange, socialisation, international perspective, integrated care chain from prevention to rehabilitation, efficiency & suitability, quality of life, health promotion, life course, equity (concerning differences in health), resilience, user-centredness and innovation.

Organisational departments

(Other departments may refer to researchers and projects as well.)
Department of Health Services Research (HSR)


Professor Prof. F. (Fiona) Godlee
Professor Prof.dr. S.M.G. (Sandra) Zwakhalen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. C.J.P.A. (Christian) Hoebe
Extraordinary professor M.W.J. (Maria) Jansen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.M.P. (Jos) Kleijnen
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.W.M. (Jean) Muris
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. J.A.W. (Joep) Teijink
Extraordinary professor Prof.dr. M.C. (Marc) Willemsen
Professor emeritus Prof.dr. J. (Jouke) van der Zee
Associate professor Dr. F. (Frank) de Vries
Management Drs. M.C. Streefkerk
Management Prof.dr. M.P. (Maurice) Zeegers

Current research

Completed research


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